Picturesque seems to have multiple definitions. Gilpin refers to the term to mean more rugged and rough. More detail if you will. I feel there is much more to it. I do agree with Gilpin but I think beauty is involved with picturesque. It is not always but in this case it is. Beauty is more plain and simple but very nice in my opinion. This photo I have taken of a Gothic church that resembles 18th century architecture. The sky is beautiful, simple yet complete at the same time. The color of the sky has good contrast with the church. Darkness and light. This photo was taken in the evening so the sky shows that the sun was setting at the moment of time when I snapped this photograph. The picturesque can be also be seen in Watt’s painting of a dead nameless woman, and this portrait demonstrates the sublime many poverty-stricken people were experiencing. Looking even further the vague outline of an industrial civilization resonates with the powerful idea of changing beliefs and technologies.